Features and specifications

Portable Support Handle Gets You In And Out Of The Car Safely

Promotes Safety & Mobility

Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy.


Secure fit into passenger or driver side of door latch, no vehicle modification required.

No-Slip Ergonomic Grip

Fits Parallel to car for comfortable grip and optimal leverage.

Window Breaker

Safely and easly breaks glass.

Seat Belt Cutter

Cuts the seat belt in case of an emergency.

Weight Capacity:

350 lbs.

Car Types:

Universal Fit.


Red with white detail.

Case of 6 Dimensions:

280mm L x 190mm W x 340mm H ; 2.9kg.


Ensure your vehicle has two bolts or screws attaching the striker to the door frame. If your vehicle has a light switch in the striker, be sure the Handybar does not interfere with its operation.

Adds An Extra Support Handle To Any Car

Having trouble getting in and out of your vehicle? The HandyBar is designed with you in mind. It is a heavy duty steel support handle with an ergonomic rubber grip to provide support when standing from any vehicle. Just slide the steel end into the locking mechanism or striker of the vehicle door frame, and stand with confidence and safety. It also comes equipped with a window breaker and seat belt cutter for safety.

Handybar™ Presentation

Take a moment to see the Handybar in action


“This product is well made and helps me in getting in and out of the car. An added bonus are the emergency window or windshield breaker and the emergency seat belt cutter. Three tools in one.”

- Manny

“This is an amazing little device that was incredibly useful following my knee injury and subsequent surgery. It made getting in & out of car so much easier! I lent mine out and bought a second to keep on hand.”

- Mr Jones

“I’m sooo grateful to find this product! I drive a lot & people depend on me, but due to medical circumstances, I have found it increasingly difficult to get OUT of the car by myself WITHOUT help! Friends have followed me home to help and some have made a separate trip to my house to help AFTER my frantic telephone call!”

- Paulette S.

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